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August Beer Of the Month

Native Colorado Mix Packs

Our August Beer of the Month special is your choice of the Native Colorado Trail Pack – variety pack, including West Slope IPA, Amber, Mtn. Pass Pils and Cerveza Nativa, a mexican style lager – OR – the Day Pack, consisting of the High Country lager, Wildflower Honey Helles and the Local Session Lager.



The West Slope IPA is made with only Colorado-grown hops from the Western Slope. It’s only sold in Colorado.

The Amber beer has a crsip, malty sweetness, making it perfect for warmer afternoons and apres.

The Mtn. Pass Pils is a tribute to those first beers that quenched the thirst of Colorado’s earliest pioneers.

Cerveza Nativa is the perfect beverage after a big workout. This Mexican-style lager is crisp and refreshing with lots of flavor.


High Country Mountain Lager is made with ingredients from the Colorado high country. It is a light amber lager that is high in flavor and low in calories.

Colorado Wildflowers and bees, helped make this light-bodied, low-calorie Helles so very tasty and sweet.

Another low calorie count, you can savor every golden sip of the Local session lager. Perfect for any apres.

BRAND: AC Golden Brewing CO

TYPE: Variety

COUNTRY / STATE: Golden, Colorado

ABV: varies

IBU (Actual): varies

FOOD PAIRINGS: Nachos, Mexican Food, Hot Wings, Hamburger, Spicy Foods, Assorted Fruits, Chips and Dips, Steaks, Chili, Seafood

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