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The 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Company is Vail, Colorado’s premier distillery, crafting spirits from locally sourced ingredients in the name of the mountain lifestyle that was influenced by the original 10th Mountain soldiers.

The 10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co. bourbon is a 75% corn, 5-year-old, 92 proof whiskey aged in various sized “#4 char” oak barrels.  It is produced in Gypsum, CO by two friends and longtime Vail residents, Christian Avignon and Ryan Thompson. They rent a 7,000 foot facility where they mash Colorado sweet corn with Rocky Mountain snowmelt and distill it in a 500 gallon Vendome still.  They age the whiskey in barrels that they personally cooper.  It’s a fantastic example of American entrepreneurship and Made in Colorado company.

Named after the men and officers of the 10th Mountain Division, trained for alpine combat at Camp Hale. While the division was held in reserve for much of WWII, it was finally called into action in late January, 1945 and deployed to Italy. After less than a month of combat, on February 18-19, the division’s 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment launched a wildly ambitious overnight assault of the 2,000-foot rock face, “Riva Ridge.”  Atop the ridge were a Panzer Grenadier company from the German 232nd Division and two German mountain infantry battalions. 

The lead platoons, miraculously reached the top of Riva Ridge without a casualty. Once on top, the 1oth Mountain soldiers attached Mount Belvedere, broke the back of the German defenses in the Po Valley and ended the war in Italy.


92 proof

Color: Light Amber
On the Nose: Initially, the nose is young and light- mostly corn and ethanol.  After some air time, you might notice some charred oak, cinnamon, mint, ripe plum, and perhaps a hint of meat, like pepperoni.
Tasting Notes: The first sip can seem a bit raw with alcohol and corn leading the way.  Don’t let the thin body fool you as the flavors are quite pleasant.  It features a creamy sweetness, like honey, caramel, vanilla frosting and peaches.  The finish is quick with a blast of oak, spice and black pepper.

86 proof

Color: Golden Amber
On The Nose: Honeysuckle, hints of lemons and mild sugar sweetness
Tasting Notes: The initial flavor you may taste is anise with a strong wood flavor.  The rye is mild with a subtle pepper finish that coats the entire tongue letting you know it is there.  This is a perfect rye whiskey to introduce to someone that wants to try a rye for the first time.

40% Alcohol

Color: Clear
Mash Bill: Potato
On the Nose: This vodka has a crisp and clean scent with a hint of light pepper and potato
Tasting Notes: Overall, it has a silky and delicate body with a slightly sweet flavor. The perfect vodka for martinis.