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Spring  is a wonderful time in the Vail Valley to get outdoors and enjoy the Colorado sun! With the warmth comes spring activities, and with spring activities, comes beer. Here is a list of craft beers to pair with your spring outings:

Spring Skiing- Bonfire Brewing “Saison”

The 4th “S” in slush, smiles, and skiing is “Saison”. This beer from Bonfire Brewing,  eagle, Co even features a skier making his way down the slopes on the can. This beer, highly flavored of Belgian yeast, is the perfect beverage for the chairlift and will give you the boost to finish out the season strong!

Golf- Oskar Blues “Pinner” 

The season of Golf is upon us. It’s time to dust off your bag and put the ball in the pin with the “throwback IPA” Pinner from Oskar blues. This IPA is on the less hoppy side and will give  you the kick to tame that slice and will numb the pain of those early season double bogeys.

Relaxing by the pool- Odd 13 “Hawaiian Bartender”

A cheaper alternative  to a vacation is to crack open Odd 13’s Hawaiian Bartender. This sour beer will make you feel the sand between your toes, and if you drink enough, you may even see girls dancing in coconut bras. The mango and pineapple flavor will take you to the beach with every sip. This is the perfect beer to say goodbye to winter and aloha to spring.

Huddling around the campfire- Denver Beer Company “Graham Cracker Porter”

Socializing next to the fire isn’t complete without the Graham Cracker Porter. This beer is full of flavor and the name alone puts you in the mood for s’mores. Drink a couple of these and you’ll have the confidence to listen to even the most frightening of campfire stories.

Hiking- Upslope “IPA”

Whether you’re hiking a 14er or taking a stroll out your backyard a beer is a perfect for making you feel one with nature. The hops flavor in this Upslope IPA will make you feel one with nature and those spring smells in the air.

Road tripping- Post Brewing “Townie”

The snow has melted off of the roads and now is the time to pack it up and hit the road with your friends. Once you arrive at your destination the Townie Ale is a perfect beer to kick your feet up with. This ale has a very hoppy taste and is the “beer of the month” at Beaver Liquors, making it a steal at $7.99!

Biking- Eddyline “Crank Yanker”

Whether on the road or on a single-track , biking is back in season! Although I don’t recommend drinking and pedaling, (it may be considered the newest form of doping) I do recommend an ice cold beer as your reward, post workout. The Crank Yanker is a delicious IPA out of Buena Vista, CO and makes you forget your sore legs in no time. Enjoy this while greasing up your chain for your next ride!

Fishing- Big Sky Brewing “Trout Slayer”

It’s the time of the year again to grab your waders, restring your fly rod, and pick up a 6 pack from Beaver Liquors. The Trout Slayer will give you the inspiration to stay in the cold Eagle River even after a couple hours of no bites. This wheat ale is easy drinking and packed with flavor. It is also brewed in Missoula, Montana, which is the same town where the fly  fishing movie “A River Runs Through It” takes place.

So whatever you’re setting out to do this spring, stop by Beaver Liquors and use this guide or ask the staff what beer they think will pair well with your spring activities!

By Gunnar Wilson